General information to job applicants:


The positions listed are meant for general applications for future vacancies, thus the position you apply for might not be available at the moment. Whenever an opening occurs, we will review the applicants database and make contact with the most suitable candidates.  

Please be aware that you may apply for several positions with the same profile, and that you can update your application whenever you have something to add. An updated profile with CV is an advantage when we evaluate candidates for employment.


Update May 2018

Due to new regulations from EC/EEC, Volstad Shipping will require that you accept that we collect and archive some personal data from you.

All information we ask for is required in order to be qualified to sail on our vessels, or for us to be able to administer your employment. If you give your acceptance while registerring your application, the information will be kept for 12 months if you do not withdraw your application before that. After 12 months you must refresh your acceptance if you are still interested in working for us.

Volstad Shipping will not sell your personal data, and will keep strictly within the GDPR regulations at all times. You are entitled to view what data we have collected on you, and to ask us to delete items. Volstad Shipping will comply with a request to delete data, if it is possible.

Some data are required in order to work in this company, and cannot be deleted for current employees.


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